International Managment

Action-oriented experiential learning

Vivanti and its management development partner StratX have a complete range of management development programs that equip managers and senior leaders to address all aspects of leadership and enable them to successfully run their organizations, business units and/or departments. Our programs focus on action-oriented experiential learning and real-life application to drive changes in knowledge, behavior and action.

Computer-based business simulations

Most of our management development programs include computer-based business simulations that give the participants a unique opportunity to learn in teams while being confronted with models based on real-world data and scenarios.

Computer simulations mimic the competitive landscape of actual market conditions, including ever-changing market forces. This approach allows participants to learn through a much broader experience, resulting in longer-lasting changes in knowledge and behavior.

Open programs

Our open management development programs offer participants a rare opportunity to step back from their daily responsibilities, analyze their career goals, and, in some cases, the direction of their organizations, business units and/or departments. After our programs, managers return to their companies with fresh insights on their professional and personal strengths, as well as new a skillset to successfully develop their organizations and grow their businesses

Customized in-company programs

Apart from open management development programs, we design and implement customized in-company programs which suit different needs of specific organizations. Such programs upgrade the skills of participants and help a company prepare and develop strategies that are critical and relevant to them.

Working closely with our clients we are able to help identify skill, knowledge and behavior gaps across relevant individuals, teams, markets and firms. As a result, we can co-design program objectives that let us measure ongoing impact and determine expectations of various stakeholders for the programs to run more efficiently.

Our team

Our diverse team offers a rich academic background and robust experience working in different cultures, languages, and industries. Our consultants have broad, multi-sector industry experience and a global mindset both contributing to the design and delivery of best-in-class open programs, as well as topnotch in-company management development programs for industry leaders.