Creating and Leading High Performance teams

Creating and Leading High-Performing Teams combines the best insights from research and case studies, tested in the context of hands-on, experiential learning. The program will help the participants to understand the stages of team formation; to gain hands-on experience in building and leading teams in diverse contexts; to understand how team leadership resides in action rather than position; to learn to manage strong individual players within a team and draw out the best from everyone, as well as to learn about your own leadership style and its impact on team performance.

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Pharma Business Development Training

This 3 days training cover all aspects of pharmaceutical business development and it is tailored to the needs of personnel in the pharmaceutical, generic and biotech sectors, recognizing that each area has different needs. Each course is tailor-made to fit with the requirement of your staff and business, with each program designed and run by consultants with many years of practical experience of business development.

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Effective Negotiation Strategies and Techniques

Our interactive negotiation training program is designed for managers, so that they could learn the most effective negotiation strategies, tools and techniques and effectively apply them in real life negotiations. The program is delivered by experiences consultants and it is relevant to today’s pharmaceutical market, all participant will learn how to maximize their natural potentials and style to full advantage.

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Driving Strategic Innovation

This 3 days program is for senior managers and directors who craft innovation strategies and put them into action. The program is based on best in class Blue Ocean Strategy business simulation which changes the way business leaders think about innovation and strategy, and gives them a deeper, richer and more comprehensive roadmap for executing change. Participants leave the program knowing how to influence corporate culture, how to make their organizations respond to the challenge of innovation and knowing how to strengthen relationships with partners.

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Leading Organizational Change

Participants learn the change strategies used to address the most common causes of failure in an organization and how to adapt to the predictable stages of concern. The program teaches senior managers how to identify and address the typical questions that employees raise during a change, and appropriate change strategies to resolve corresponding behaviors and resolve concerns.

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Women’s Executive Leadership: Business Strategies for Success

Designed specifically for today’s rising female executives and those who aspire to leadership roles, this 4 days program breaks new ground in leadership development for women. Participants will gain business knowledge that will enhance their professional influence, advance their careers, and improve their business acumen and leadership skills.

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Competitive Marketing Strategy

Through Competitive Marketing Strategy, our Senior Training Consultants teach the participants to proactively assess competitive action, so they can better plan for and develop highly effective, long-term marketing strategies. The participant learn how to anticipate the moves of their current and future competitors during the planning stages, analyze their strengths and weaknesses, and react meaningfully. Program participants develop a strong working knowledge of competitive marketing strategy and an understanding of the effects of offensive and defensive strategies.

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Multi-Channel Marketing Management

This workshop is designed for innovative marketing, sales and medical managers who want to optimize their communication mix and to be able to define and implement a digital strategy for their brand or business areas. They will learn how to integrate digital into company’s overall marketing, sales and medical education strategy and ensure “fusion” of your online and offline efforts while respecting legal and regulatory guidelines. Real-life examples of successful e-tactics for physicians, pharmacists and patients are used for more effective learning.

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Leading the Effective Sales Force

This 4 days training introduces the participants to practical tools, cutting edge concepts, and effective sales management models derived from broad-based consulting experience of our trainers. Through group discussions, cases, problem-solving exercises, interactive case presentations, the participants will explore various perspectives on what does and does not work—and why. The participants will also learn how to establish new ways to motivate and compensate your sales team; they will participate in a business simulation that tests the long-term effectiveness of selected strategies for major sales forces.

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Winning Key Account Management

Key Account Management training provides pharmaceutical and other healthcare industry managers with the necessary skills and resources that are specific to various major accounts, such as wholesalers, pharmacy chains, hospitals, insurers and private hospitals and clinic chains. Because these accounts typically involve multiple decision makers at the top, participants who attend this training learn to work better both individually and in teams to improve access and to influence and drive results based upon well-planned and orchestrated efforts. Participants not only leave with new skill to be used next day, but they are also given processes and formats they can use in their real business situations.

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