Consultants profiles

Igor Balabushkin
Managing Partner at Vivanti
With more that 20 years experience in healthcare industry, Igor helps managers from life science companies to achieve extraordinary results by developing strategic vision and the skills to lead high performance teams.
Laurent Bonnier
Managing Partner at STRATX
Laurent Bonnier is a partner at STRATX in Paris and a member of the STRATX Group Board of Directors, working principally with clients in Europe and the Asia Pacific Region.
Tibor Cemicky
Senior Trainer Consultant
Tibor has more that 15 years of professional experience in healthcare industry, he helped hundreds of managers and life science companies to increase their performance and to become more successful in competitive markets.
Jean-Michel Chopin
Director at StratX
Jean-Michel is a Director at StratX Paris. Jean-Michel specializes in developing leadership, strategy and marketing capabilities within industrial companies, particularly in the business-to-business environment.
Bettina Hausmann
Senior Training Consultant
Bettina helps senior professionals rethink the way they lead and communicate. Executives recur to her when they want to bring about change in a short period of time, in an inspiring working atmosphere.
François Meurgey
Senior Training Consultant
François helps pharmaceutical companies to build robust marketing and market access strategies, and to develop their managers to implement successfully strategy and lead cross-functional teams.
Alan Slavik
Director at StratX
Alan is a Director at StratX Paris and has over fifteen years of experience in international marketing and sales with a focus on product development and new product launches.
Corwin Vandermark
Senior Training Consultant
Corwin is a Senior Consultant at StratX Paris, where he has partnered with Fortune Global 500 clients to develop marketing and sales capabilities, particularly in the areas of brand management and customer centricity.
Irina Vityugova
Senior Business Trainer
«Why our clients come back to us with new requests for more trainings? Irina’s strength is in combination of specific knowledge, pharma industry experience and a great desire to do her job as best as possible.»